Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Port your existing mobile number to Google Voice

In old days all the times we feel shaky about opting for new carrier since then it would lead to new mobile number and thus hell lot of work needed to update everyone of new Mobile number but MNP i.e mobile number portability came to rescue and users could easily switch there career without changing there mobile numbers.

Now the culmination of above have lead to another intersting feature provided by Google Voice . Now, customers can use there existing mobile number for existing Google Voice account and make free calls to other countries, send messages all from your Google Voice Account.

Good news is that One can do that with the services provided by  Google voice by integrating your existing mobile number with Google voice account.

However this feature is avaibale only if you’re residing in the U.S you can port  existing mobile number to Google Voice.

Also this will lead to existing carrier plans will be termination.

This features help customers to have easy to use your existing mobile number as there Google Voice number so that there family, friends and all contacts will still know it’s know your identity.

Quick guide for porting your mobile number to Google Voice:

First you’ll have to log into your Google Voice Account
Click on the Settings Page and navigate to the Phones Tab

Click on Change/Port and then add your current mobile number
You’ll then be asked to verify user information and mobile carrier information and will be charged $20 for the same.

The porting will be usually completed in 24 hours and additional charges may apply such as Carrier termination fees and others.

For more help please visit-

Google Voice site

Reference- Google Blog


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