Tuesday, February 1, 2011

China blocks word "Egypt" search on Twitters Clone Sina !!!!

It has been learnt that China has blocked search for Egypt word on one of its ever-growing micro blogging site Sina , Sina is considered as clone of Twitter in China .

Although , PCWorld has said that only the Chinese version of 'Egypt' is blocked though, and the English version returns results.

Sina has around more than 80 Million User and considered most popular micro blogging site in China
Also as per one of the news agency,  Internet monitoring company Renesys has confirmed this afternoon that Egypt is now in a complete Internet blackout, after small ISP Noor Group went offline, following the path of all of Egypt's major service providers.
All these development came due to wave of protests in Egypt against Mubarak regime, Egypt Internet was shut down, and growing looting and arsoning.

Remember China has earlier blocked many site including facebook, twitter, Youtube, Google etc.

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  1. might be its impacts on its governance policies,...obvious its human rights violations............