Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kids learn about animals while playing - switchzoo, A Wonderful Site

Today I would like to share very interesting Web site with my readers. It should be very help full to your Kids . The Sire provides amazing features about Animals and allows Kids to learn about them while playing games in between .

You can reach @

In case you have not visited the site , would advice you to visit the site and then refer the site to you Kids and other parents .

Online Habitat

One of the Interesting feature was of Building habitat while learning about various animals. It provides step by step instruction to Kids so they can build habitat as per available options.

Switch Zoo Quest

This part takes Kids on a tour of Switch Zoo and challenges them with animal-related games and activities. When complete the quest, they will know enough about the zoo and animals.
There are other features available would advice you to explore and let Kid enjoy this interesting site

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