Friday, January 21, 2011

Tablet PC the next widget wave for 2011 ?

As per latest prediction from Industry experts Desktop and Laptop are gong to be replace by tablet PC , thus its again revival time for Tablet PC.

As per one of the survey conducted in UK roughly one could still expect around 367,000 new tablet sales in the UK by the end of first quarter.

A tablet personal computer (tablet PC) is a portable personal computer equipped with a touchscreen as a primary input device and designed to be operated and owned by an individual. The term was made popular as a concept presented by Microsoft in 2001, but tablet PCs now refer to any tablet-sized personal computer, regardless of the operating system.

Unlike laptops, tablet personal computers may not be equipped with a keyboard, in which case they use a virtual onscreen substitute. All tablet personal computers have a wireless adapter for Internet and local network connection. Software applications for tablet PCs include office suites, web browsers, games and a variety of applications. However, since portable computer hardware components are low powered, demanding PC applications may not provide an ideal experience to the user.

There are lot of variety available in market for Tablet PC and one can refer to below address for more details


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